Sir ‘Ablebody The Thieving Magpie (Rocko)’ 2007.11.07-2015.11.18 r.i.p.

So,a black flag is on our family,in few months after Luna and Eros now was time for ‘mad dog’ Rocko to fly to the angels.We are devastated.You arrived in our family from south of Spain,nervous,strange,wild and day by day,hour by hour you started to learn,to be more friendly,to enjoy the company of all the dachshunds band.Long walks all together,learning not to be afraid of airplanes and fireworks.We were so happy to have you with us till the day you had the official Dackel collar with the same colors of our family.But destiny was against us,you started more and more with crazyness and aggressiveness,you were growling all day for your pain,attacking your friends fighting your nightmares.Something somewhere in your head and madness started to rule you.Nothing to do,mad friend.We did with a lot of tears the only thing acceptable to make you free from pain.Tears and tears,I miss you super dackel,I miss your behaviour,I miss the way you were so shy.Hugh Luna,Eros and all the family up there.You will be happy with them.

Your King Dackel and family,under a bad black flag


4 thoughts on “Sir ‘Ablebody The Thieving Magpie (Rocko)’ 2007.11.07-2015.11.18 r.i.p.

  1. It is so sad to hear that another beautiful dachshund lost his life. I see how cherished are all in your family and I can imagine how empty you all feel. Unfortunately I understand you since we lost this year a beautiful and kind dachshund, 4 years and a half old due to a spinal hematoma due to an aneurism on the spine. We even went to another country because in my country we didn’t have the diagnose and treatment resources. All in vane. The only solution was the same as yours. Even if we would have accepted any sacrifices for them in the end we have to think at their quality of life and this has to be our priority. My thoughts are with you.


  2. Stefano and family…, we bow our head… Never forget that you all were the best thing that ever happened to Rocko. He’s over the rainbow bridge and is telling every one about his wonderful time with you. You all can be so proud… Also over here a tear… Keep the faith!!!


    1. Andrea,Dutch Photos and all,from here to all FB followers,thanks for your words,as a dog lover and from dog lovers we understand very well these moments.It is really very very sad,you always imagine that you brother,son,companion dog will stay with you forever but unfortunately it is not like this.I just hate fate in this moment because took 3 of my loves away in just 2 months for different reasons.Stella remains alone,looking around and missing her sister Luna and her friends Eros and Rocko….waiting for a new sister coming in january.Pure sadness but we go on.Thanks 🙂

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