Sir ‘Ablebody The Thieving Magpie (Rocko)’ 2007.11.07-2015.11.18 r.i.p.

So,a black flag is on our family,in few months after Luna and Eros now was time for ‘mad dog’ Rocko to fly to the angels.We are devastated.You arrived in our family from south of Spain,nervous,strange,wild and day by day,hour by hour you started to learn,to be more friendly,to enjoy the company of all the dachshunds band.Long walks all together,learning not to be afraid of airplanes and fireworks.We were so happy to have you with us till the day you had the official Dackel collar with the same colors of our family.But destiny was against us,you started more and more with crazyness and aggressiveness,you were growling all day for your pain,attacking your friends fighting your nightmares.Something somewhere in your head and madness started to rule you.Nothing to do,mad friend.We did with a lot of tears the only thing acceptable to make you free from pain.Tears and tears,I miss you super dackel,I miss your behaviour,I miss the way you were so shy.Hugh Luna,Eros and all the family up there.You will be happy with them.

Your King Dackel and family,under a bad black flag


Navy Seal at work,Mekong Delta