Fly to the Angels

Somebody that do not exist took away sweet super Luna.We are dead.She flew to the angels with no reason at 7 years,something wrong in her heart.Sweet tenderness…hope you will meet a lot of old friends up there,you are still here with us.I have no more words just tears are falling and this knife of pain in my soul.I love you,always loved you,you were our total life and we here are just into the void.Look at us please from wherever you are.We kiss you,angel….hope to see you again.You were the ONLY ONE.



ThunderDackelwinter-timeSun-DiamondSleeping-VikingStretchinglove-that-lenssweet-LunaSleeping-in-studioMy-Name-is-LunaF-16-LunaISS-PilotRemembering-William-S.-Burroughs,The-MasterLuna and the CowparkHyperDackel

9 thoughts on “Fly to the Angels

  1. I so feel you pain and devastation at this terrible loss. And so much pain for those dear ones left behind. I know you will find tender ways to comfort them as they learn to live without their dear Luna.


  2. So sorry that a part of your soul was ripped away from you. She is in the memory of people from around the world and she will be missed by many.


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