I swear papi I swear! wasn’t me wasn’t me,believe me please!

thief in the night

I don’t know why but today I have this British feeling…a Dackel for the Crown, something like that…

Queen Dackel


Hello to all Dackel aficionados.In the last days seems there is a problem at word press or somewhere so email notifications on new posts on Dackel Society don’t go out.We apologize for this.We hope they will fix the problem soon.Anyway remember that normally we post new pics everyday around 7.00am – 12.30pm – 18.30pm  GMT/UT so if you like for the moment just take a tour at that time.

We are Dackel and proud of it !

King Dackel

Ehy girlz,I’m sure! there is a city of bones here!

city of bones