wow again!the same Dackels traffic jam at the end of the day…


Distel vom Schäferhof on the higway back home

I am lost! I am lost! ohi ohi I am lost!


Maya vom Schäferhof

10.001 and counting!


We at Dackel Society would like to thanks all the followers & aficionados from all around the world that had time to take a look at our blog from really all the continents.Today the web counter is more than 10.000 visits in 8 months.For we dackels means a lot.So,keep on visiting the blog and remember:DACKELS RULES!

An extraordinary and unusual White Dackel Tiger,Kamchatka 1921


Inka von Hoenrade

Yeah,I understand,but this red ants are too spicy


Maja vom Schäferhof

I am a Dackel Tapir and I love ants!


Lenny vom Schäferhof hunting for ants in the forest due to lack of bones and dogs food

This is pure R&R for a Dackel,like to be on tour!


Maya vom Schäferhof running wild in the forest