Nova as a spitting cobra

Spitting-cobraNova vom Schäferhof

Dackel world

Dackel worldSo it seems that people from a lot of countries love Dackels.It is a pleasure to have more than 6500 hits in 4 months.Thanks from Dackel Society

Schäferhofs convoy,Punjab 1952


Mmhhh…that is a succulent little Spanish lizard…

Nova vom SchäferhofLizard

One more week,one more week and the new vom Schäferhof will be here!

One-more-weekDistel vom Schäferhof

Life is not so easy for a Dackel reporter

Dackel-ReporterStella vom Schäferhof

Oh no Papi…they are back again!

Aliens-againStella vom Schäferhof