Wow I feel like a rockstar on stage with light effects!


 Luna vom Schäferhof

Hey boy,stay calm and run away,this is my house!!!

Luna vom Schäferhof


I love wind,this is pure rock fury!

Pure-rockLuna vom Schäferhof

Luggage ready,airplane tickets ready…holyday is over.Hasta luego Catalunya

HolydayLuna vom Schäferhof

Ohh…it’s full of stars out there….

Big-NoseStella vom Schäferhof

Ehi Boss,I feel like Neal Armstrong walking on the Moon in this picture!

Moon-FlightNova & Stella vom Schäferhof

Wow,that over there should be the sea…it’s like silver

The-seaJade vom Schäferhof,Catalunya 2013