Never a dull moment

So,this is the story of the day….

I was banned from Facebook (as you know I have a page for dackels there) months ago because talking in public with a friend I just said that minister (Italian goverment) Kyenge is a stupid nigger.Ok,nothing against black people,I had black girlfriends and friends,she calls herself nigger and she is proud of it (Niger,Nigeria and so on,where is the problem?) but if you take a look on what she did (nothing) you understand.Anyway smart minds at FB banned me for 3 days,you cannot say nigger.

2nd part….

I found yesterday a post from a stupid man talking about how is funny to kill dogs and animals,very excited about dogs fighting,pictures and so on….I posted to him…give me your adress,I come and I will kill you…banned again from FB,I cannot access FB.Compliments mr.Zuckenberg,this guy has still his page but me,proud owner of  I am banned,cannot do anything in FB.I received also a mail,next time (third) probably I will not have access to FB anymore.

Zuckenberg,tons of money you have but check your systems,your computers,your softwares and…bann me again

Idiot (Dostoevskij) rulez

Stefano Padovan proud king dackel

Stefano Padovan


Dark Lady on duty

I DO not like THIS!!!

Never trust horses :)

Fight for your rights!

When the rain comes…don’t cry again,I will keep you dry,my son!

Gosh! a Tbone on the tree!!!

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